For a common man or a landowner, the process of approvals for a residential construction is unknown. They have no idea as to what these approvals mean – the only awareness is that a non-approved construction would attract penalty. Here are some insights on the approvals that are required to construct.

  1. A clear title to the land is required, and hence charges and encumbrances to the land till the present status are traced to know the chain of holding, transfers, disputes and ownerships. These inputs are available at the local sub-registrar office. The builder either purchases the land or enters into a Joint Development Agreement.
  2. Urbanization has led to agricultural land being converted to non-agricultural land for construction after approval from the local body and State Ministry of Urban Development. The land use plan is changed and marked accordingly by the state and local bodies.
  3. The zoning approval from the local body is obtained after the revenue department provides ownership certificate for the building permit. The town planning authorities need to give a NOC before granting a zoning approval.
  4. The next step involves submission and approval of building plan as per law, and once the plan is approved construction work should start within two years and there should be no deviations from the sanctioned plan.
  5. The layout approval has to be obtained with FAR (Floor Area Ratio) and FSI (Floor Space Index). One cannot construct on unapproved layouts. Permission has to there for subdivision as well. The unapproved layouts may not have civic amenities and that will be a drawback.
  6. The builder cannot lay a foundation stone or build boundaries of the property unless he has the commencement certificate and the building permit.
  7. There has to be a NOC from the local bodies to obtain water, EB and sewage connection. Also and NOC has to be obtained from the pollution control board stating compliance to norms.

The local body forwards the proposals to the various other concerned authorities in the city as required for issue of case specific approvals/ NOC before granting Completion-cum-Occupancy Certificate.