Property disputes are on the rise in Chennai, and experts attribute the cause to the spiraling land prices. There are quite a few disputes that culminate into brutal murders. Experts at IKIA feel that estate planning at the right time can solve many of these issues. A competitive consultant ensures that estate management is successful with minimal risk of negative consequences.

Land prices in Chennai are much less compared to that of Mumbai and Delhi. An experienced consultant will have the expertise to advice on taxes, legal as well as estate planning.

The most important duty of the citizen apart from the regular is also to elect the right Government who will ensure his protection. With elections on the anvil this is the right time to think about how to exercise the fundamental right.

Disputes occur not only in high profile cases but also among middle class citizens. Senior citizens are easy targets to these thugs and land grabbers and most times there is a strong political support as well. Murder is the last step resorted to when victims do not oblige to threats.

Many citizens defer estate planning to avoid the expenses incurred for the same. But experts at IKIA feel that portfolio management services and estate planning services will be valuable in order to carry out planning and management of wealth.  A detailed research of the investment options available at right prices can provide valuable inputs as well.  All this to have a peaceful time ahead of you!