Technology is only a tool in creating smart cities. What is important is responding to local culture and geography.  What is needed is a holistic approach to integrate the socio economic frame work through architecture and design.

To do this one has to consider the availability of natural resources to the full extent. Natural light, solar panels, hybrid cooling systems – sustainability is the key word here that goes with cost efficiency.

Design should be inspired by nature and traditional architecture, flowing unobtrusively. Use of glass in building helps create conversations with the landscape, allowing collaborations without disconnect from the outside.

Holistic architecture combines the energy element into design. Since energy attracts energy, the challenge is to create buildings that attract the energy of the earth. Does this sound like going back to our roots? In Holistic Architecture – through design, one is directing energy to create within a structure the essence of joy and fulfillment.

Let us discuss some aspects of holistic architecture –

Finding the heart of the land, which is closest to the vortex of the earth, where energy of the earth is the strongest, is the first step. Everything that goes into developing the land should be in harmony with the energy of the land and that goes for the vegetation and landscaping as well, which needs to align with that which historically existed in the area.

Appearance of the structure should complement the surroundings. Inspiration on design can be derived from the surroundings. Geometric shapes that exist in nature are adopted to harmonize building designs with nature. For the traditional minded, the golden rectangle ratio is used in design to energize homes.

Shapes and designs that are a feature of earth’s design, produces harmonic energy and balance. And hence being green is also part of being holistic and responsible.

Proper utilization of energy helps uplift the person and his consciousness, as per ancient mystic sciences. There are other aspects that benefit from the positive energies. We shall keep you posted on those and more on holistic architecture on a future date…..