Land in prime areas is snapped up by developers even at a higher rate because they are quite sure that the location itself will attract investors/buyers. Most develop these projects at a minimal cost and sell them as finished products to unsuspecting buyers. Such incidences are high in smaller cities.

Banks do a cursory check on the construction quality, but that is not enough. Here are some ways that will help gauge the quality of the construction.

The developer’s brand, to begin with, is a good indicator of the construction quality. The other indications are design of the structure and the materials used, whether construction is done scientifically or not.

A keen observer can look at telltale sign of cracks that give away the quality of construction.  Likewise the appearance of the building and the fixtures and paint used can also reveal the quality of the materials used.

Activities like curing of concrete at the construction stage also play an important role. The buyer may not be able to keep an eye on such details.

Value addition is through landscaping and through other methods adopted, to ensure a longer life span of the building. The true value of any property, however, is in the share of land owner by the owner.

Quality of a construction can be assessed by looking at the safety and security it provides, to the person residing in the complex, with lesser maintenance cost, over the years.

Source : The Hindu