Concept homes vary significantly or even slightly from regular or traditional homes and these are not only apartments but also independent villas. There are different types of concept homes prevailing in the market and they are child centric homes, senior citizen homes, golf homes, ski homes etc. All these have customised solutions to different user needs. Some golfers may find golf homes attractive while young parents may find child centric homes attractive.

Concept homes command a premium over traditional homes. The amount of premium will be determined by the facilities and amenities included in the concept homes. The higher construction costs for these additional amenities and the customised solutions are part of these homes. These can be renovated by the users whenever required.

Smart homes with home automation qualify as concept homes as well.  Smart homes use technologies like light sensors, high-tech security, gadgets that enable one to remotely control and observe etc. Concept homes on the other hand has a theme around it and is now catching up in major cities in the country.