Sample flats are the most potent marketing tools developers use to create to sell a dream to the home buyer. Buyers are carried away by the posh, spacious sample flat and some of them do get a surprise when the actual flat they have booked is delivered to them.

To make these sample flats look visually appealing some developers make custom made furniture to make the flat look spacious and to lure in the buyers.

Here are some  other points to note while you consider buying an apartment:

1. The location of the sample flat may differ from the actual location of the unit booked by you. Hence views from windows and and balconies will differ.

2. the sample flat may have more space, higher ceiling etc. than the actual one booked

3. Walls of the sample flat may be made of glass, partitions may be created to induce a feeling of space and better finish. Sometimes doors are removed to create a feeling of greater space.

4. Sample flats have a posh look due to the usage of plywood, gypsum and prefabricated bricks, and these together with custom made furniture may create a optical deceit. Similarly, sample flat will have high end fixtures, lighting and hidden air conditioning ducts.

What buyer need to understand is that the sample flats are are showcases, meant to incite interest and indicate the lifestyle potential of the unit. It show cases how space could be utilised and can make a difference in the decision making of the buyer. It establishes the difference between real and perceived value of the unit. it is always advisable to take opinion from specialists before making your payment to ensure that you get the value for your payment.